Aug 2, 2014 - 2 minute read - productivity shorthand gregg

Gregg Shorthand Resources

I’ve known handywrite shorthand for a number of years, and finally decided that I should learn shorthand proper, ideally with the best bang/buck ratio, as well as minimal amount of initial learning, with being able to ramp up the amount I learn later, as time permits. I settled on Gregg shorthand, Anniversary Edition.

In hunting the net in the hopes of learning Gregg, I’ve found a bunch of PDFs that I’ve found helpful. As far as I’ve been able to tell, all of them are out of copyright and/or directly linked. If anyone finds different, please let me know. The ones I was able to figure out where I got them are linked, with local copies (when I believe permitted) in the event that the target site goes away.

From Angelfishy, the two resources I’ve used most:

A few other very useful resources:

  • Notes on Lessons In Gregg Shorthand [local copy] – if you were to teach it, this is how you might do it. The insights it provides are very valuable to the learner lacking a living, breathing teacher.
  • Progressive Exercises With Key – good for self study exercises, again synced to the lessons in the manual. It has execises to make outlines from specific words as well as transcription from text, and transcription from outlines. You’ll need to register with the website owner to download it.
  • Gregg Speed Studies – for pre-anniversary, but should suffice well enough if you don’t have the print version which I’d still recommend (thus far).

Also from Angelfishy:

Additionally, archive.org has a number of resources and books written in shorthand that you may find useful.