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Accounting for Software Engineers

For my current job, I’ve had to learn how accounting works. In order to learn that, I did the kinds of things you’d expect I might. But one thing I kept finding was that some fairly simple concept seemed to be explained in a way over-complicated way, after I eventually was able to figure it out. I eventually figured out why, and with that, I think that if you’re new to accounting, and a software engineer, I think I can help you out.

A Couple of Good Reads for Programmers

A couple of good reads I’ve encountered in the last month or so that cover things I’ve thought myself, but are written much better than I would have:

If you’re a programmer/software engineer/whatever, read them, they’re well worth your time.

Staples Arc Paper - $100 vs. $20

(see here for the full Agile Organizer series)

I’ve now been using my agile organizer system for now going on three years, with a few adjustments, but the main principles firmly in place. I did however switch form factor from letter sized to junior sized paper (5.5” x 8.5”, or the half-letter-sized) and 2x2 sized stickies rather than the standard 3x3. As not everything winds up on stickies, as I keep a running log of what I’m doing, notes, etc. as written on the regular pages, I did eventually need to get refill paper.

How to Use a Diver’s Bezel

a.k.a. The Suprising Utility of a Diver’s Bezel

(see here for all the posts about using a diver’s bezel)

I’ve worn a diver’s watch for years, and initially, I got one because I wanted a durable watch that I didn’t have to think too much about. The bezel on the watch was more of a decorative curiosity than something I planned much to use. Then I learned a few things.

17 Frets - Scales, a Guitar Scale Encyclopedia

Back at the end of December, I posted 17 Frets Chords, a concise chord dictionary. I had been working on a scale encyclopedia too, but hadn’t put the finishing touches on it.

It’s mostly where I want it, but there are some places where it’s not as good as I want, but I figure, might as well release it now.

17 Frets - Chords, a Guitar Chord Dictionary

I’ve been using this now for a bit, and now that I’ve not made any changes to it in a few months, and after a failed pitch at selling it to a publisher, I’ve decided to release this into the wild. I figure it’s useful to me and at least one other person, it may be useful to others.

The essence of it is that instead of the usual tome of a chord dictionary that most are, this one plots the chord tones across 17 frets of a guitar neck, using note numbers instead of names. This way, you don’t have 12 versions of a minor 9th chord, but only one. Amongst other things, this and the included index can help you find voicings, or good substutions for chords. In any case, printed double sided, the thing runs about eighteen pages, slim enough to keep in a music binder or folder you might use during practices or performances.