Dec 27, 2016 - 1 minute read - 17frets guitar

17 Frets - Scales, A Guitar Scale Encyclopedia

Back at the end of December, I posted 17 Frets Chords, a concise chord dictionary. I had been working on a scale encyclopedia too, but hadn’t put the finishing touches on it.

It’s mostly where I want it, but there are some places where it’s not as good as I want, but I figure, might as well release it now.

17 Frets Scales shows the major scale families and their modes, in addition to including available chords for most scales. Like 17 Frets Chords, it’s also indexed by intervals, notes, chord names, scale/mode names and their aliases, which should help you identify the scale you’re looking for.

Here’s a sample page:

Harmonic Minor

Like 17 Frets Chords, 17 Frets Scales runs 16 pages printed double sided, so it slim enough to keep in your music binder so you can always have it with you.

The 17 Frets page has the download link.