Open Source Credits

Apr 15, 2014 - 2 minute read -

  • Jan20 A Java succession framework akin to GitHub Scientist.
  • Helios A docker orchestration platform, including a testing framework. Used in production at Spotify since July 2014.
    • [Helios-SkyDNS](https://github.com/spotify/helios-skydns) A plugin for Helios that allows it to register services in SkyDNS.
    • [SkyGC](https://github.com/spotify/skygc) A garbage collector for things in etcd that are SkyDNS related.
    • [syslog-redirector](https://github.com/spotify/syslog-redirector) Redirects the standard out and standard error of a child process to syslog. Not Helios specific, but used by Helios to ensure container output goes somewhere useful.
    • [docgenerator](https://github.com/spotify/docgenerator) A maven plugin and Java annotation processor to automatically generate documentation for REST endpoints in a service using Jersey and Jackson annotated classes. Also not Helios specific, but used by Helios.
  • My personal, non-work GitHub repos. Not as well refined, to be sure.
  • SkunkWEB and PyDO, a web application server and O-R mapper. Written up in Linux Magazine (12/2001) and ONLamp.com (9/6/2001). No longer under active development.
  • Contributor of some documentation to Python (popen2, calendar modules)
  • Author of m4-mode and dockerfile-mode for GNU Emacs. m4-mode is included in the GNU Emacs source distribution.
  • Author of Advantech PCM-3724 digital I/O board COMEDI driver in Linux. [source]
  • Wrote a version of the twofish encryption algorithm which is distributed from Bruce Schneier’s (of Counterpane Internet Security) website, and included with the Linux kernel. [link] It actually contains three versions, a python version used to precompute tables used by the two C versions. One of the two (opt.c) versions copies a template function and hot-patches the key-constants, the other follows the more normal way of doing it.